05 Apr

The old and infirm

It is nearing the end of my third week at Soi Dog Shelter in Phuket, Thailand.  Of late I have been getting to know the aged and infirm dogs at the Shelter and I would like to introduce you to three of them.

I like to visit them each afternoon if I can to give a pat or a cuddle. Many have had their eyes removed but they can sense where I am and love to have someone to sit with them for a short while. In many cases I don’t know how they came about their injuries but I do know about Torkal, Candra and Jamie.

I feel quite emotional when I am sitting with them – these dear souls who have been through so much. I love them.

Torkal  came in apparently blinded from being beaten. He cannot walk properly and I think this may be due to a neurological problem after the beating.  He is almost 10 years old now.



Dear Candra is a very shy boy who came to the shelter suffering from a terrible skin condition. Life was hard on the streets and people were cruel. His skin has improved but he will always have the scars from the past.  A great fear of most people means that he is unlikely to ever be adopted into a new home. But he is cared for and safe at the shelter now.





Jamie was born on the streets and really had no one to care for him. His is now aged 6 years and blind. He has never had a human to love him or a place to call home.

Jamie was hit by a speeding car and found by the side of the road and brought to the Soi Dog Shelter.

Unfortunately Australia’s quarantine rules make adoption from Thailand very difficult and very very expensive but you can sponsor an animal which will help greatly with the upkeep and it will help the dogs to continue to socialise with the kindly volunteers who come to visit.  This is all part of the healing process for them.

Please visit http://www.soidog.org