About Robyn

I came to the issues of animal rights and human rights at about the same time – approximately 30 years ago.   Through serendipity, I picked up a little red book at the local library by Australian animal activist and campaigner, Christine Townend.  Her book gave accounts of the conditions in which factory farmed animals lived and the plight of animals in laboratories.  This little book (the title of which I cannot recall) was the catalyst for a change in my life and I became vegetarian (and later vegan – with my only regret that I did not become vegan earlier!).  Also since that time I have campaigned for an end to the unnecessary and cruel practice of vivisection.


So although I had to return the little book to the library (and sadly never purchased a copy), I know it was a pivotal time and changed my life in regards an awareness of the treatment of animals.


It then led me in turn to a greater awareness then to robynthe mistreatment and injustice meted out to humans.    Hence I started to make different choices when it came to shopping.  I am fully aware that it is not possible to purchase only fairtrade products in our daily lives but in some instances we certainly can. I do believe however it is possible to purchase only animal friendly products.    I therefore take delight in offering these items because, not only are they a kinder choice, they are really beautiful and unique items that one would be delighted to have for themselves or to give.